CONFIRMED: Polaroid it's definetly back and launches an "old new" instant camera and new film packaging


Thanks to the filtration of the website of, we have learned that Polaroid not only plans to bring back film (whose new packaging you can see in the image below), but returns to the analog market with a new camera: The OneStep 2, a reissue of his mythical 1977 model, which also uses 600 type film, and will also be available in two models: black and white.

In addition, we have seen that this camera will use two types of film: the classic 600, previously sold by Impossible and now by the Polaroid brand, and also a new type of film, called I-Type, which will be marketed under the brand The Impossible Project.

Although we do not have data on its market price, we do know its technical characteristics. For the final price, and the final date of sale, we will have to wait until September 13, when Polaroid will publish its new roadmap.

The technical characteristics have also been published:

  • One-Step Easy-to-Use Photography
  • High-quality Polaroid photo lens better than ever 0.6m to infinity
  • Battery life 60 days
  • A powerful built-in flash to illuminate all images
  • Self-timer so you can appear in the image
  • New i-Type Analogue Photo Camera
  • Function with new i-Type film and 600 classic film
  • Dimensions: 150 x 110 x 95 mm
  • Weight: 440 g (without film)
  • Operating temperature: 4 ° -42 ° C / 41-100 ° F, 5-90% relative humidity
  • Compatible movies: Polaroid and Impossible i-Type and 600 colors in black and white, including special editions
  • Battery: high performance lithium ion battery, 1300 mAh, nominal voltage 3.7 V, 4.81 Wh
  • Materials:
  • Exterior finishes: polycarbonate + ABS plastic
  • Lenses: optical quality polycarbonate and acrylic lenses, coated
  • Shutter systems: custom design, using the precision stepper motor for the shutter
  • Optical system:
  • Target: fixed focal lengths / 0.6 m infinity
  • Focal Length: 106mm
  • Field of View: 41 degrees vertical, 40 degrees horizontal
  • Flash System: Vacuum Discharge Tube Strobe
The images that have been filtered are as follows:

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