Polaroid Originals also prepares the release of duochrome versions and special colors


Despite the fact that the company has not officially announced it, and are currently listed as "disappeared" in the new catalog of Polaroid Originals - possibly as a tactic for people to think that they will not make more and get rid of the old cartridges of Impossible- , it seems that Polaroid Originals is going to release the cartridges of colors duochrome version and other special colors like gold or silver.

It has been by accident and thanks to a web of reviews (acronyms CR), who published an image of the monochrome version of the logo in pink and blue - the main photograph of this article - in addition to the packaging of the new cartridges. Although they have now disappeared from the reviews website, the images are already circulating on the net and here we bring them. We can see that there is no change of packaging beyond the change of color:

Nothing is known yet about the price or release date of these film editions, but it seems that they will appear as the previous stock of The Impossible Project runs out on major distributor platforms. We will keep on reporting!

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