Lomo Instant Square breaks all records with more than 3,000 units sold in less than a month


One month ago Lomography surprised us all by launching the first 100% analogue camera that makes use of the Instax movie in square format - but also can shoot with Instax mini film, by means of an adapter, already that the camera option Fujifilm introduced in early summer was nothing more than a digital camera attached to a printer.

The new camera, presented as a prototype to be financed through a crowdfounding campaign on Kickstarter, was intended to raise $ 100,000 to start the camera, a figure that it achieved in just 8 hours from the launch of the campaign. It was only the beginning of a campaign that finally ended up getting almost 600% of the initial revenue that was intended to reach, with more than 3,000 patrons, bearing in mind that all of them obtain at least one copy of the camera as a reward for supporting the campaign, translates as more than 3,000 cameras sold only in the pre-sale phase, which will be done separately.

Concretamente, la fase de preventa acaba de comenzar y ya se pueden reservar las cámaras en la página web de Lomography -en todos sus países-, para aquellos que no llegaron a tiempo de adquirirla en la campaña.

Thanks to this phase of pre-sale, we have been able to know that the final price of the camera starts from € 199 in its most basic model - only two colors to choose and without accessories - and up to € 259 in other colors and with accessories included. This is about 30% more than the price of the patronage of the Kickstarter campaign, as promised when launching it.

The delivery date remains the same: February 2018, although bearing in mind that they had the necessary money to start up their manufacturing one month ahead of schedule, it would not be surprising if their launch could go ahead a few weeks. We will keep on reporting!

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