REVIEW: We forced the Kodak TX 400 to 1600 ISO


Considered by photographers almost unanimously as "the best black and white film in the world," the Kodak TX (or Tri-X) is another survivor to the purge that chemical photography has undergone in the last decade. Not only does it continue to be manufactured but is also one of the best selling Kodak house, proud creator of this emulsion that came to market in 1940.

Despite its great sensitivity (400 ISO), the grain is so fine that it is only truly noticeable in the shadows or areas of complete darkness, something that makes it ideal to practice forced with it, and that is precisely what we have done.

We forced the film to 1600 ISO and then developed it using Ilford chemicals, specifically Ilfosol 3 1: 9 for 7 minutes and 30 seconds, at 20 ° C and shaking for 10 seconds every minute. For fixing we have used Ilford Rapid Fixer 1: 9 for 5:30 minutes. The results have been quite good and the photos have been well exposed, with an obvious but not at all annoying grain, but quite the opposite: we love that it is there.

We wanted to take photos in broad daylight (noon and sunset) to take advantage of the great sensitivity and allow us to close the diaphragm to the maximum and experiment with the "all focused" photography that allows us to do this level of ISO.

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